First Workshop

The Cloudifacturing project CLARION successfully organized its first workshop at ELSAP premises at Nafplion, Greece on July 27, 2020. All CLARION consortium members participated, i.e. ELSAP OLIVE OIL & PRODUCTS, PLEGMA LABS, RISA & DEMOKRITOS.

During this workshop, ELSAP personnel gave a tour on the plant facilities for PLG, DEM and RISA personnel, in order to provide more insights and input to the technical team who builds the DSS.

Moreover, the CLARION consortium gathered several additional information and feedback from the plant facility managers in order to provide better and more accurate energy efficiency recommendations, such as: plant roof measurements to use as input for recommendations such as solar panel installation capacity, availability of capacitors in order to consider cosine customization to consume and pay less, examine the possibility to change the production procedures scheduling in order to save money due to the different tariff that applies during peak consumption hours.

Additionally, the technical team acquired detailed feedback on shopfloor devices and their specifications, in order to use them as input for the Device Health Monitoring module.

The first version of the system was presented to the different end-users and the consortium refined the requirements of the DSS to best fit and increase the value of the system. The end-users were trained to use the first version of the system and were provided with the first version of the user manual, and provided initial feedback on the user interface.

The workshop was concluded successfully providing valuable information to all participating parties, allowing the CLARION project to proceed as planned, achieving the remaining milestones.